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We service all of the Perth metro area

Sectional Garage Doors

At the Perth Garage Door Company, we offer the largest and most exciting range of sectional garage doors in Perth – offering quality products in an almost unlimited number of variations from all major manufacturers.

Below are some of the quality products available on our most popular and recommended styles.

Also, to learn more about how these styles and features can affect the price you pay, take a look at our Perth Garage Door Prices page.

You can see how many of these sectional garage doors look on our Gallery page – which is full of our local Perth installs.

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Standard COLORBOND® Sectional Doors

Our range of COLORBOND® sectional garage doors provides ultimate strength and protection, made with 0.6mm thick genuine BlueScope steel. They incorporate a number of high-quality features to ensure your garage door is both stylish and safe, including the revolutionary Finger-Safe® design. We encourage you to view our gallery of garage doors we have installed all across Perth to see how these could work for you.

The price we charge in Perth for an automatic standard COLORBOND® garage door with 2 remotes and wall button starts from just $1,900 (single door) and $2,600 (double door). Read more about our Perth garage door prices and what can affect their cost.

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Standard COLORBOND® Colour Range Available

Standard COLORBOND® Colour Range Available



Standard COLORBOND® - Georgian Style Sample

Standard COLORBOND® – Georgian Style

Standard COLORBOND® - Regency Style Sample

Standard COLORBOND® – Regency Style

Standard COLORBOND® - Cosmopolitan Style Garage Door in Perth

Standard COLORBOND® – Cosmopolitan Style

Standard COLORBOND® - Meditteranean Style sample

Standard COLORBOND® – Mediterranean Style

Standard COLORBOND® - Settler Style Sample

Standard COLORBOND® – Settler Style

Common Colorbond® Frame Designs


A popular choice for many Perth residential homes, this is a textured style with long rectangles with the option to have windows along the top row if you like.

Sectional Garage Door inlay Georgian


Adding more of a ‘busy’ look to the exterior of homes, this is a more classical choice that will work well with any modern day or federation-style home. It can also include windows along the top row.

Sectional Garage Door Regency inlay


This style incorporates many horizontal lines to create the look that the door has many more ‘sections’ within each panel.

Sectional Garage Door Mediterranean inlay


Each panel on this garage door design has no indents, achieving a seamless, ultra sleek look with timber-like textures and grooves to it.

Sectional Garage Door Cosmopolitan inlay


This design uses wider sections within each panel than the Mediterranean for a uniquely modern look.

Sectional Garage Door Settler inlay

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