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Garage Door Prices in 2024

Buying a garage door in Perth can be a confusing and costly process. This simple garage door price guide will ensure you are paying the right amount for one of the most visible and important parts of your home. With over 22 years of experience exclusively servicing the Perth market with expert garage door repairs and installation, we here at the Perth Garage Door Company feel we can provide the most accurate and helpful price guides for your garage door.

What affects the price?

While there are many aspects that will affect the cost of your new or replacement garage door, these are the three main factors:

  1. Size
  2. Style
  3. Motors & Remotes

Beyond these more practical considerations, the three big factors that determine the price of your garage door will first and foremost be the quality of your door, as well as how it looks, and finally how secure it is. We will go through each one of these aspects to give you the best idea of the price you might be expected to pay.

Also note that other things like whether an existing door needs to be removed, whether you need extra remotes, where you are located and the overall quality of workmanship and after-sales services you receive can also impact your quote – and are important to take in to consideration before committing to your installation.

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Garage Door Styles

Garage doors come in a huge range of styles and colours – and because it is one of the most important features at the front of your house – choosing the right style at the right price is crucial. Generally, the following styles are the most popular (visit our gallery to browse 100’s of real examples of garage and roller doors in Perth):

  • Roller Door
    • An affordable and popular style using pre colour coated steel that rolls up into a bundle at the top of the door.
  • Sectional Door
    • A customisable style with separate panels that lift up and over to rest parallel with the garage ceiling.
  • Timberlook Door
    • A premium sectional door that looks and feels like real timber.
  • Custom Design
    • Designed to better match the house or neighbourhood, common options include premium colour-coated steel/zinc sheeting, stainless steel, mini-orb, aluminium, copper, cedar, Makrolon or Perspex.

Motors & Remotes

Most doors are used every day by their owners, which is why most homeowners opt to include a high-quality motor to ensure they can easily and securely get in and out (around 80% of our Perth clients choose an automatic door). Prices are generally quoted assuming an automatic opener, but also note you could save around $300 by choosing a manual door instead.

You can pick from a large selection of automatic garage door openers, roller door motors and sectional door motors to suit your particular needs, however, we find Merlin motors to be the best on the market today and strongly recommend one from their range to ensure reliability and security for your garage door.

Garage Door Prices in Perth in 2024

Installation + 2 remotes + wall button Single Double
Roller Door  $1800 - $2000 $2400 - $2800
Sectional Door $1900 - $2200 $2600 - $2900
Timberlook Door $2500 - $2800 $3000 - $3400
Custom Design $5000 - $5500 $6500 - $7000

These are garage door prices we offer to our Perth customers in 2023 and 2024 and are mainly based on our most popular range of Centurion garage doors. We also list some common garage door repair pricing too. If you want to speak with a friendly expert about your garage door needs, please feel free to get in touch today.

What could impact the cost?

To give you a better idea, we have listed below several more factors that could influence the final cost of your garage door installation.

  • Removal & disposal of existing door
    • This should cost around $50 for single and $80 for double
  • Manual door instead
    • A manual door (not installing a motor) can cost around $300 less than the above prices
  • Extra remotes
    • This can range from $80-$100 per unit
  • Quality
    • Using a higher-quality, better-looking or more secure door can mean you pay towards the higher end of the above ranges. But we think it’s worth every cent! Especially to reduce the potential for a garage door repair bill in the future.

Getting a garage door quote

Now that you know what contributes to the price of your garage door, you can be confident in making a decision with your purchase. Check that your quote includes all the required aspects above, so you are not surprised with additional costs later on.

And if you want to compare your quote to Perth’s leading garage door specialists of over 20 years (or you found this guide useful) – speak to a Perth Garage Door Company representative on (08) 9279 4551, email us at or use the form below. We are always happy to help!