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Keeping Your Perth Garage Door System Safe From Children

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Have you realised your garage or roller door is the biggest moving piece in your home? Or that your garage is increasingly used more as a principal point of entry? It’s essential to remember certain fundamental rules to guarantee your wellbeing and that of your friends and family.

Keep your remote controls out of reach

  • Your remote could be the same as keys to your home.
  • Keep the doors of your vehicle locked, if your remote stays there
  • Utilize a small remote that attaches to your keyring.
  • Even better, utilize MyQ’s LiftMaster innovation.

Never hold on to your Garage Door

  • Double garages longer than 14′ (4.3 m) are furnished with support bars within.
  • It’s essential for your relatives to abstain from climbing or holding tight to the door while it’s in movement.

Install the control panel out of reach

  • Introduce it roughly 5′ (1.5 m) over the floor or best advance.
  • Spot it in an area where you have a reasonable perspective on the entryway as it opens and closes.

Quickly inspect the door once a month

  • Have any of the nuts or screws come free?
  • Are the tracks parallel?
  • Are any of the rollers about to break?
  • There are some parts you shouldn’t endeavor to fix yourself, including the springs, pivots, and lifting links. These are under a lot of pressure.
  • Refer to the manual given from the producer.

Don’t allow children to play in Garages

  • Your garage door remote isn’t a toy, either.
  • Try not to give your kids a chance to play with the remote or even the Open/Close catch on the control board.

Test Reversal Mechanisms Monthly

  • The first is mechanical:
    • Place a bit of wood (2 x 4) on the bottom of the opening
    • Push the button to close the garage
    • Check that it returns back up
  • The second one is photoelectric:
    • As the door goes down, move your leg slowly over the opening
    • The photocell will recognize the movement and reverse the garage or roller door
  • On the off chance that both of the two frameworks doesn’t work accurately, lock your carport entryway and abstain from utilizing it. Contact a garage door pro.

by Damian @ Perth Garage Door Company